Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Brainpower Practice

Many people report that their thinking improves when walking at a comfortable pace. Studies have shown that exercise in general is good for brain function both right away and because of the long term benefits to the cardio-vascular system. One recent study showed that older persons who walked 45 minutes three times per week scored and average of 11% higher on tests that measured decision making ability.

I think there is more than just the benefit of exercise here. I think the rhythmic and automatic nature of walking is very conducive to creative thinking in particular. I hope there will be more studies that look at the difference between other exercise and walking, in relation to brain performance.

In the meantime, try walking as a way to think and solve problems. It works well if you carry a small tape recorder, so you can record any ideas without stopping. Otherwise, bring a pen and notepad. I think you'll find walking to be good for your creative problem solving ability. In any case, there are enough other proven benefits of walking if I am wrong.

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