Monday, 21 February 2011

Thought-stimulating ideas | Two Ideas

1. The Last Word
Unless there is a decision involved, let the next argument you have end with the other person having the last word. Watch how you feel compelled to say something more. It will leave you on better terms with the other person, but that may not be important. What is important is the direct experience of observing one's compulsion to "win" an argument--which is not the same as wanting truth or understanding.

2. Failure Formulas?
There is a lot of nonsense in the idea of success formulas, or at least in the certainty offered with some. You can do everything right and be hit by a car tomorrow, after all. Failure formulas, on the other hand, are more certain. Do nothing to make money, for example, and you are VERY likely to make none. Treat people rudely and you are very likely to have fewer friends. Maybe we should spend as much effort to avoid the wrong actions as we do looking for sure routes to success.

Steve Gillman

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